Photography running behind and I’m running off to Norway

We’re going on our hols tomorrow, to South-East Norway. I CAN’T WAIT! I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a holiday! The scenery looks soooo beautiful, and we are staying in a house called Champagne Castle! The former Russian Consulate’s summer entertaining house, apparently. Bodes well, not sure we’ll be able to afford any champagne though.

I’m lagging behind on the photography project, but I will catch up while I’m away and post the pics when I’m back. I finished Sweet Pea’s holiday PJs – pics of those to come too.

Have a lovely week, I’ll sneak in a pic or two if I can work out how to blog on Ollie’s iPhone, otherwise I’ll be back soon.

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One Response to Photography running behind and I’m running off to Norway

  1. laymon says:

    Ooh you’ll have to tell me how it is over there, DH is seriously looking at us moving to Norway. Have fun!

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