Where there’s a quilt shop in every town and the yarn shops have knitted drainpipes…

Norway. Just the most stunning landscapes. A country carpeted with pine trees. Countless islands peeping from the sparkling Skagerrak. Heather and granite. The freshest air, oxygenated by those thousands of trees. Sparkling shores and glittering skerries. A place for clambering over rocks. Watching the changing light. Looking out to sea, waiting for moonrise. Stargazing in between lighthouse flashes.

And gorgeous quilt shops. And SO MUCH yarn. And, seriously, a knitted drainpipe.

I mean seriously, what’s not to love? Well, the prices I guess. I came home with a couple of metres of the cutest trim, nine buttons, a third of a metre of linen and four balls of yarn. Pretty restrained I thought, but anything more would have required a second mortgage…

Here’s my rather tasteful little haul…

A Japanese linen, gorgeous linen ribbon and bias tape, and the cutest buttons!

Mmmm alpaca...

We stayed in a fabulous house with this view.

You could never tire of that view, could you? Different every time, mesmerising every time.

A glance at the lighthouse was the perfect way to punctuate my crochet. I worked on my cotton blanket (which needs a name, if anyone can come up with one…)


Here are some more snaps of our wonderful week, including that fabulous drainpipe!

Sweet Pea gets more wear out of the nautical trews I made him earlier in the year

The seagull bag did a wonderful job, and I was glad of the oilcloth in the rain showers! Tute will follow for that, I promise, but possibly not until I have finished my butterfly quilt. More of that soon.


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6 Responses to Where there’s a quilt shop in every town and the yarn shops have knitted drainpipes…

  1. Jenny says:

    I want to go back !!

  2. Jenny says:

    and how about Norwegian flower blanky?

  3. Liz says:

    Wow that looks amazing, the linen is beautiful and love the drainpipe cover!
    Fyr or maybe Hekle for the quilt (lighthouse or crochet in Norwegian!)
    What made you choose Norway as a holiday location?

  4. Snowdrop says:

    Have just found your blog from NM’s, Ali! Have added to my RSS feed. Loving your cotton crochet blanket and your seagull bag! Am in awe at your quilts too. And that drainpipe cover is uber cool! Lovely pics, enjoy the last of your holidays x

  5. Ali says:

    Thanks Liz for those ideas! Do you speak Norwegian? We chose Norway because I was listening to some wonderful music by a couple of Norwegian composers around Christmas time, and I became intrigued by the landscape that inspired these magical sounds. I mentioned to my mum that I fancied going, and she said she had always wanted to go, so we decided it would be a great place for a summer holiday. I can’t be bothered with the heat these days, and lying on a beach all day doesn’t appeal, so this was definitely my kind of holiday (especially with such an abundance of quilt and yarn shops :) )

  6. Ali says:

    Thanks Snowdrop! Love your blog too, now got to work out how to subscribe… I’m sure it should be obvious… ?

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