Puffed up and deflated

Yesterday I had SUCH a good day. A real treat of a day. I did a quilting class with the wonderful Philippa Naylor, organised by my fabulous local quilting shop Creative Quilting. The class was on Trapunto, the art of creating raised elements in a quilt, giving it an extra, sculptural dimension. We also learnt so much more, about freemotion, thread choice, needles, all sorts….. Philippa is one of those amazingly generous teachers who gives so much more than she needs to. It was such a priviledge to learn from someone with so much expertise and creativity.

Other treats of the day included lunch cooked for me (the class was in a lovely pub), a constant supply of tea, and no one demanding anything from me all day, ahhhhhhhh :) So I am very grateful to Creative Quilting, Philippa and Grandma for enabling me!

Now, I will show you what I made, IF you promise to ignore the ends which need tying off. I only learnt how to do that in the last 5 minutes….


The raggy looking thread is water soluble – it will disappear when I have finished. I think I’ll turn this into a cushion, it is rather cute :)

Now, onto the butterflies…. I came home last night and did another couple of hours of sewing, freemotion quilting my butterflies. I only got about a tenth of the quilt done so am resigned to the fact that it’s not going to be finished in time for the party on Saturday. I did another two and a half hours on it tonight, and I have almost quilted half of it now, but I still think there’s too much to do to hope to get it done in time :( Unless I let Sweet Pea watch Pink Panther and eat chocolate from now until Friday night….


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  1. Snowdrop says:

    Aww! I’m loving seeing your butterflies quilt come to life! Can’t wait to see your ta-dah post! xx

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