Christmas Trees everywhere!

Wow, it has been a day full of Festive fun! This morning Sweet Pea and I finished off our Christmas cards. I was the Christmas tree draw-er, using glitter glue, and he was the button-popper-onner. We made 50 cards, and they took over the whole kitchen as they dried! The cat sat on a pile of them, squashing the glitter glue rather. Some lucky recipients will be getting a free cat hair with their cards. I haven’t inspected the tiger-bottom, but it’s got to be embellished with green glitter until he next gets his grooming mojo working… Shame I didn’t get a picture of that, really…

I can’t believe I put sticky gluey glittery things on my sewing machine :o

Then this afternoon we went to choose a Christmas tree. That has to be one of the great pleasures of the festive season and indeed the year. Sweet Pea picked a lovely Nordman. When we got the tree home, he helped me make mince pies and then we decorated the tree, definitely my favourite job of the year :)

My inner taste police will not allow me to use any decorations that stray beyond the boundaries of clear/gold. I just adore the effect of a restricted colour palette. Even this adorable birdie is pushing it a bit ;)

These pics are not up to much; no doubt there will be more glittering baubliness coming up if I manage to capture it more successfully…

We didn’t even get around to decking the hall; a job for tomorrow :)

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