Ollie’s white 40th!

We might not have had a white Christmas, but Ollie got a white 40th birthday a couple of weekends ago! We spent a few lovely days with friends in a fabulous cottage in the East Sussex countryside. The cottage was wonderful, it had an Aga. I want one. Really want one. I came home and started property searching, scrutinising the pictures of the kitchens to see which ones were fully equipped lol.

On Saturday night we had stayed in and had a wonderful meal cooked by a local chef, and by bedtime it was snowing a blizzard. We woke up on Sunday morning to the most beautiful sight. Every branch of every tree was lined in glistening snow. It really looked like a magical winter wonderland. We were pretty much snowed in; thankfully we had a well prepared fireman amongst our party, who dug channels for the car tyres with his shovel! We got all our guests to their trains on time, and the three of us spent another snuggly evening in front of the fire. Bliss!



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