Sweet Pea’s first day at school!

Sweet Pea started at his Kindergarten today. He was a little unsure, but really enjoyed himself some of the time. Happily I can stay until he is completely settled, and I think it could be a few more sessions before he’s there on his own, but he’ll get there in his own time.

I made him some bags to take with him – a simple drawstring number for his spare clothes, and a little messenger bag for his snack and drink.

For the messenger bag I used Zaaberry’s excellent tute. For the final stage – sewing the whole thing together – I did it the other way round to the way she suggests. I turned the outer bag inside out, tucked the strap and flap inside, and put the lining inside, right sides together. It was really easy, and I’m guessing maybe easier than trying to stretch the lining round the outside of the whole thing. It’s a great little bag, the perfect size for a pre-schooler, and only took a couple of hours.

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2 Responses to Sweet Pea’s first day at school!

  1. Kim says:

    Hi there! I read the comment you left on Zaaberry’s blog and felt compelled to visit your blog. When I first looked at her tutorial I was thinking the same thing about turning out the outside and having right sides touching on the inside. The other thing I did was when I cut the outside and lining, I made them each one piece by doubling the length. I still squared the bottom, just did it in a different way. I just thought it would make it a bit stronger having one less seam.

    I have a 5 year old as well. He started kindergarten last August (we live in the U.S.. More specifically, Iowa). I like some of the crafty things you two have done together. Will have to try them out with my Sweet Pea.

    Love your blog. Take care.

    • Ali says:

      Thanks Kim! The bag is holding up well! That’s a good idea to make the main bag pieces without a bottom seam, if you are using a non-directional print. Thanks for your kind comments! Ali xx

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