Happy Birthday to Me :D

What a fabulous birthday weekend I’ve had! Yesterday I spent the day at the amazing Unravel festival. This wonderful showcase of yarn, fluff, spinning and all things associated was one of the best craft shows I’ve ever been to. Although the lovely venue, Farnham Maltings, was full to the rafters with gorgeous stuff to buy, it was somehow less commercialised that a lot of the bigger shows. There were lots of opportunities to chat to interesting people, and try out different crafts. I seized the day and tried out spinning and weaving on a proper loom, both of which I loved. I came home with a drop spindle and some beautiful fluff to attempt to spin :) I had a couple of devils on my shoulder (love you really ladies ;-) ) who goaded me until I came away with quite a haul :)


Gorgeous cappuccino coloured organic merino fluff

Organic merino yarn, Selvedge back issues, little linen pieces, and some fluffy bits and bobs


Gorgeous fluff with sparkly bits


Today was my birthday, and my lovely boys made it a very special day. I got a fantastic digital camera, a Canon EOS 20D. So expect better quality pics on here from now on!


We spent a few happy hours in the sunshine at Claremont Landscape Garden

Then we came home to have my birthday tea in the garden. IN THE GARDEN! In February! I have never had my birthday tea in the garden IN MY LIFE BEFORE!! Ollie and Sweet Pea had baked me a cake while I was out yesterday, and made it look like a patchwork quilt with lots of coloured Jelly Bellies all over it. It tastes as delicious as it looks :) Thank you boys :*

My garden is springing into life… I have some cute little mini irises in bloom, and my hellebores and hebe are looking beautiful. I am so looking forward to tulip season. It’s going to be a riot this year :)

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me :D

  1. serendipity says:

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Unravel was a really good show wasn’t it? I could have bought so much yarn but there was so much choice I ended up just looking and being inspired! You are brave attempting spinning, and I love your quilts. xx

    • Ali says:

      Thank you Serendipity! Yes Unravel was awesome, I could have spent a fortune…. I will start saving now for next year I think!

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